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Recent favorites:

"Porc Fest: Libertarians Gone Wild" 

The New York Sun

"Detransitioners — and Their Regrets — Emerge as a Major New Front in the Transgender Wars"

The New York Sun

"Where Are the International Women’s Organizations as the Shocking Scale of Hamas’s Sexual Violence Against Israeli Women on October 7 Becomes Horrifyingly Clear?" The New York Sun

"Could RFK Jr. Win the Libertarian Party Nomination or Is All This Just Gaslighting?" The New York Sun

"Alt-Right Provocateur Douglass Mackey Speaks to the Sun as First Amendment Case Heads to Second Circuit" The New York Sun

​​Selected articles:

"Columbia University, After Vowing To Clear Protesters, Flinches and Extends Talks as Students Vie for Their 1968 Moment" The New York Sun

"RFK Jr. Will Not Seek Libertarian Nomination, Putting To Rest Debate Over Whether He Could Win It"

The New York Sun

"Your House Isn’t Mine: Could a Political Squatting Movement Take Hold in America Today?"

The New York Sun

"New Hampshire Will Be a Last Stand for Anti-Trump Republicans — and It Doesn’t Look Good"

The New York Sun

"To Secede or Not To Secede: Texas Nationalist Movement and Two New Hampshire State Representatives Want To Take That Question to Voters"The New York Sun

"Star Prosecutor’s Blockbuster Defamation Lawsuit Against Netflix and a Hollywood Favorite, Ava DuVernay, Over ‘Central Park Five’ Film Could Change TV" The New York Sun

"Federal Appeals Court Says Ex-Yale Student, Expelled Over Rape Accusation, Can Sue His Accuser for Defamation" The New York Sun

"Trump-Loving Troll Gets Prison Time for Playing Tricks on Hillary Clinton Supporters: Is It a Free Speech Case We Should Champion?

The New York Sun

"Donor Exodus From Ivy League Gathering Pace Amid Accusations of ‘Moral Failure’ Over Hamas Attack" The New York Sun

"As RFK Jr. Readies an Announcement Today, Speculation Is Simmering Over Whether He Could Find a Path Forward Via the Libertarian Party"

The New York Sun

"Re-Election Politics at Play as Biden Administration Refuses To Give a Timeline for Implementing Changes to the Way Title IX Is Enforced for Transgender Sports and Sexual Assault" The New York Sun

"‘Ridiculous’ Is the Word Real Estate Appraisers at Palm Beach Are Using To Describe the Value Being Put on Mar-a-Lago by Judge in Fraud Case Against Trump" The New York Sun


"Major Battle Over Wind Power and Whale Deaths Is Brewing Off Jersey Shore, as GOP Seeks a Moratorium on Development" The New York Sun

"Libertarian Party To Seek Conservatorship Over ‘Obviously’ Ailing President, Senate Minority Leader" The New York Sun

"A mother’s warning: Biden's Title IX plans could dangerously change your son’s life at college" 

Fox News

"Ramaswamy Set To Tee Up a Plan To ‘Eviscerate’ the Administrative State" The New York Sun

"‘Enough,’ the Liberal Leadership of Portland Cries as City Council Prepares To Roll Back Liberal Drug Laws" The New York Sun

"Back to School Means Back to Court for Title IX Sexual Assault Cases" The New York Sun

"Once Upon a Time in a Hollywood Far Far Away"

The New York Sun

"Ex-Yale Student Found Not Guilty of Rape by Court After Being Suspended Over Same Accusations Presses Forward in Landmark #MeToo Lawsuit"

The New York Sun

"RFK Jr. Tests a ‘Post-Party’ Campaign for President at Libertarian ‘PorcFest’" The New York Sun

"Ramaswamy, at Libertarian ‘PorcFest,’ Pledges To Pardon Imprisoned Founder of Dark Web’s Silk Road Marketplace" The New York Sun

"Star Liberal Prosecutor in Boston To Resign After Special Counsel Report on Abuse of Power"

The New York Sun

"High Drama as Second Circuit Is Set To Hear Case of Transgender Runners Who Out-Ran Girls"

The New York Sun

"Williams-Sonoma To Close at San Francisco, as Residents Debate Whether the City Is in a ‘Doom Loop’" The New York Sun

"Liberal West Coast Cities Are Rethinking Their Drug Policies as Casualties Mount"

The New York Sun

"Silence Starts To Break as Prominent Liberals Begin To Push Back on Transgender Agenda"

The New York Sun

"Homeless San Francisco Man Who Attacked Ex-Fire Commissioner With Crowbar Is Released From Jail, as His Lawyers Claim He Was Pepper-Sprayed, Acted in Self-Defense" The New York Sun

"Robert F. Kennedy, Political Royalty and Prominent Anti-Vaxxer, Is Running for President"

The New York Sun

"Netflix Tries To Solve the Mysteries of the Raid on Waco That, 30 Years Ago, Horrified the World"

The New York Sun

"Trump Stirring Deep Waters With Plan To Hold His First Campaign Rally in Waco" The New York Sun

"Curb Your Enthusiasm If You Think a Kennedy Will Be Making a Return to the White House" 

The New York Sun 

"Biden's Name Likely To Be Missing on 2024 New Hampshire Primary Ballot" The New York Sun

"DeSantis, in New Book, Calls for Making America Like Florida" The New York Sun

"Fentanyl Crisis Moves San Francisco To Reconsider Its Status as Sanctuary City" 

The New York Sun

"Libertarian Party in Turmoil Over Upcoming Anti-War Rally" The New York Sun

"Hosing of Homeless Woman Ignites Furious Debate at San Francisco" The New York Sun

"2022 Sees Raft of Secession Initiatives and Votes To Change State Borders" The New York Sun

"A Tale of Two Cryptos" The New York Sun

"New Hampshire May Have a New Motto: Vote First or Die" The New York Sun

"Georgia Libertarian Helps Push Senate Race into Runoff" The New York Sun

"Abortion, Rebukes of Presidents Play Big Roles in Gubernatorial Results" The New York Sun 

"Democratic Backfire Shaping Up in New Hampshire" The New York Sun

"Arizona Libertarian Drops Out of Senate Race and Backs Blake Masters" The New York Sun

"A 'Greater Idaho' Movement Sows Seeds of Secession in Eastern Oregon" The New York Sun

"Inviting Uproar, CDC to Vote on Recommending Covid Vaccines for Schoolchildren"

The New York Sun 

"Surge in Support for Libertarians Could Be a Spanner in the Republican Race for Senate in Arizona" The New York Sun

"A Libertarian Party Rift Opens After Faction Flying Flag of Ron Paul 2.0 Wins Control"

The New York Sun

"Abortion Emerges as an Issue to Watch in GOP Primary in New Hampshire" The New York Sun

"Mean Tweets: The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Tests the Limits" The New York Sun

"New Hampshire Republicans Vie for Support in First Televised Debate" The New York Sun

"Pence Would Consider Testifying Before January 6 Committee, He Tells Political Breakfast in New Hampshire" The New York Sun

"Pence Is in New Hampshire Today, for Breakfast of Eggs, Politics, and Come-From-Behind Flapjacks" The New York Sun

"Digital Dunkirk: Green Berets Network to Save Afghan Who Saved Them" The New York Sun

"A Libertarian-Leaning Crypto Celebrity Seeks to Shake Up New Hampshire's Senate Primary"

The New York Sun

"Tang Williams Touts Personal Freedom, Parental Rights in NH-02 GOP Primary Bid" NH Journal


"Is It Third Party or Third Rail?" The New York Sun

"After Chesa Boudin, San Francisco Looks for a Way Forward" The New York Sun

"White House Criticized as Baby Formula Shortage Worsens" The New York Sun

"Supply-Chain Issues and a Recall Have Parents Scrambling for Baby Formula" The New York Sun

"Huff Brown: I'm A 'Live Free or Die' Republican" NH Journal

"The Word 'Groomer' Emerges as an Issue in the Politics of Education" The New York Sun

"New Hampshire Poll Shows Trouble for Biden, and Possibilities for Governor Sununu"

The New York Sun

"Pro-Trump and Un-Vaxxed, Leavitt Sees Opportunity in Mowers' Voting Controversy" NHJournal

"Mystery Candidate Lurking in the Wings in Senate Race in New Hampshire, Lewandowski tells the Sun" The New York Sun

"Granite State Jealously Guards First-in-Nation Primaries Status as Democrats Eye Diversity"

The New York Sun

"High-Profile Overdose Cases Focus Spotlight on Severity of Fentanyl Crisis"

The New York Sun

"Questions Swirl Around Wisdom, Timing of Recent CDC Guidelines" The New York Sun

"Harm Reduction Saved My Life: The Case for Safe Injection Facilities in NYC and Across America"

New York Daily News

"Disaffected Liberal Thinkers and Their Followers Form the Dissident Left" The New York Sun

"2020 Democrats Need to Talk About the Opioid Crisis" GEN Mag

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